Saturday, November 8, 2008


Oh my goodness..... it's the Christmas season already! It gets earlier and earlier each year. I saw my first Christmas commercial 2 days BEFORE Halloween this year! There is one house on our street that decorated for Christmas 3 days before Halloween................. wow!

Well my store is already in the Christmas spirit. I added Christmas jewelry and cards to it the past few days! I ALREADY SOLD a pair of earrings, and 2 cards! I have a bunch more to add, but I am tired of listing for today. I have a special order to make for I promised her I would have pictures for her on Monday! I HAVE to get busy! I see I just sold sme more beads at .... I really have to take pictures and list there too!
I need to split into 2 people , so I can get things done! needs bookmarks, and I have an idea for one that will cost $17.00! It's really pretty!
Must get busy!

(the cards shown are the ones I sold!)

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Rick said...

It seems you're having great fun getting busy!

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