Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow.... I had a busy week! I just sent out 17 packages... and still have 9 to pack up and get out! I need to have another great week... I am saving my etsy money to buy plane tickets for my daughter and her hubby to come here for my sisters wedding on New Years eve. I relisted this watch today..... it can be resized as needed!

I am still sorting through my beads and supplies for my destash store. I am adding sterling silver findings, and some Swarovski sparkles this week.

To change the subject....... Ash is starting to walk! He took 2 steps, then 3 steps.... then he walked 7 steps before he realized and sat down! He is doing soooooo good! He is also getting 3 more teeth. He will be so grown up when people finally get to see him at Christmas. He is 9 months old now.

It is 1 a.m. here.... and I still have work to do. I need to make more bookmarks, and I'm working on some stitch counters. Will post pictures, as soon as possible.


AutumnSilverMoon said...

Mom, don't waste your hope and money. I want to go buy I don't see it happening. Bobby will probably have to work around then and we wouldn't be able to stay for that long at all. He's probably more interested in spending New Years with his friends since I handed him the invitation and he goes "You can go, I'll be here drinking." My life sucks.

esque said...

Congrats on all your sales! Keep it up :)


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