Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's SATURDAY!!!!!! Yay.... no having to worry about what time it is, or having to go pick up hubby from work!
As promised... more pictures from the pumpkin patch! The first one shows Winter next to the how tall this year sign..... it says she is six feet tall...... at the doctors office this week, they said she was only 5'11"... LOL!
The next one will show Debi and Ash.. and how tall they are this year! Quite a bit shorter than Winter!!!! The next one is another picture of Ash playing with the pumpkins...... He is getting a bunch of teeth, and wasn't very happy the whole trip!
Sorry about the blue tint to the pictures... they always forget to change the settings, when shooting outside.

Man... Ash is crying his head off again right now! Teething and fighting a nap does not make for a happy baby! I think he needs some grandma hugs........

It is almost 1 p.m. and I haven't seen Winter yet! Since we moved her to the basement, she doesn't have to deal with all the noises... like Ash! I think I will get her up soon.... she can help me put the beading area back in order. Then maybe I will feel inspired to make something!

I posted some older things last night..... a few bracelets that would be good for Halloween, and a blue bracelet and earring set.... you can scroll down and see them in my etsy pictures.

I will post again later..... there is a litterbox that needs changing (EW) and a bunch of dishes to do again...... funny how they are invisible to everyone else! Plus I have to pack up the bookmark I sold and get it to the post office. I am out of free gift earrings I send with every purchase... so there's another thing to do!

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LoneStarVintageClothing said...

Oh, so cute! At least your baby was sitting still. Mine wanted to run around and would not look at me. Ugh!! So annoying!! :)

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