Friday, October 3, 2008

Yay... it's Friday

Well...... I just LOVE Friday! I don't work outside the home, but I do have to pick my hubby up from work, and with all the road construction going on..... what used to take about 14 minutes took 35 minutes yesterday! I HATE road construction season..... but I LOVE the finished product! Alpine Road is now as smooth as a baby butt........ now if both lanes would ever open at the same time! Plus it doesn't help that they built a new CVS and Walgreens at the same time, at the same intersection. But WOW....... I now have my choice of 3 Walgreens, an 4 CVS stores.. without ever veering off Alpine just to pick up hubby! Almost as bad as Walmart!

Enough about that crap......... Today I added Autumns etsy store to my blog. She made a bunch of new DS cases.... and they are wonderful. She puts alot of work into those things! I love how the little etsy mini stores here update themselves every time we add new items.... so check them all out everyday!! LOL

It's 11:30 and Ash is sleeping so I have a few peaceful moments...... going to go make a baked potato for brunch...... if you have anything to eat while he's around, he eats most of it! 8 months old and growing like a weed. He says mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, baba (for a bottle) bye bye (when he sees his car seat) and a whole lot of other sound that make sense only to him!!!!
I LOVE that boy!!!!


Walk in the Woods said...

So sweet. :)

Happy Friday!

AutumnSilverMoon said...

I'm Jealous!!!! Make him learn my name!!

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