Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday.... Darlene AND Oprah day!

Just a quick post for now... it's Darlene day, and we are going to the Golden Corral for lunch! Mmmmmmm they have the best breads there! With yummy honey butter.................
When we are finished there, we may take a trip to Borders for a look see! Always on the look out for another bath tub book for Ash!

It's Oprah day, again! The other show we went to the taping for is on today. It's all about manners.... maybe there will be a shot of us we can see this time! (though I REALLY don't want to see myself on t.v.!!!!)

Later than I thought.. must get ready, have to drive across town for this lunch...... and with all the construction, crazy drivers, etc.... this could take a while.

Don't forget to watch Obama kick McCains ass tonight in the debate!!!

1 comment:

AutumnSilverMoon said...

I missed Ellen to watch and I didn't see you once!!! I'm so angry with Oprah now.

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