Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where Are All The Forks?!?!?

A month ago we had so many forks, that they didn't fit in the silverware holder. Yesterday I could find five of them....... o.k. since we have five people who use them...... but tonight for dinner I can find two! What the heck?!?!? I checked the dish water.... looked on the counter top.... checked the bed rooms..... where did they go? We have a mystery on our hands!

I finally listed the expensive blue necklace.... it got ONE whole view! I have to figure out the right time to list I guess. I am going to start up yet another store this week. A destash store. This one is to get rid of some extra beads, jewelry supplies, unfinished wood, scrapbook supplies, material, etc! Everything I'm not ever going to use......... TIRED of the clutter. It's a bad thing to have three pack rats in one house!

Now to brag about Winters jewelry... we are going to finally start up her store this week. She makes wonderful jewelry... her style is completely different from mine. Plus she makes hilarious cards. Everyone should check it out....
All the jewelry in this post are hers....... pretty aren't they?!?!

Oh yeah...... our other Oprah show is going to be shown on Wednesday. It's about manners. We got 3 free books about manners when we left the taping. I exchanged them at Borders for books we really wanted!

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