Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yay! I found the camera! It was under Joe in the bed! How the hell do you fall asleep with a camera under you?!?!? I realize cameras are smaller these days! I know it was under him because I checked under the blankets all around him...... and the camera was hot when he got up this morning. Now I can get some work done!

No new orders this morning ... that's good for a while! I get behind with all the packaging it up. The mailing part is easy.... I give Winter the stack, and she goes to the automated part of the post office and does it on the machine. It's cheaper that way too. They must charge a commission per package sent inside the post office!

I forgot to make coffee last night! I am mad!!!! I had to have a cup of chocolate milk instead...... NOT THE SAME! That will teach me...... must make daily list and check off each item!

Georgia sent me this cartoon..... I think it's funny..... Joe probably won't!!!!

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