Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday.... Yay I'm all alone!

I made this necklace months ago, took the pictures, but have never posted it! It will be around $50.00 because of all the Swarovski crystals, and the blue stones..... I love it! I would keep it, but I hardly ever wear jewelry!

Today I am by myself! Joe, Jeremy, Ash and Debi (my sons girlfriend and I have the same name!)went to see the Bears game at Joes dads house. I can finally finish cleaning up Elly and Hermes messes! Elly ran by a little while ago chasing some lampwork beads.............. I wonder where she found those! Anyone want a cat?!?!?

I should be doing laundry, but I have to go to the laundromat... and I hate doing it alone. Winter is in Dekalb visiting Donnas family, so there goes my helper! Maybe tomorrow...................

I'm going to go turn on some loud music and clean this place up! Ash has smashed his breakfast bar all over the floor, the couch, his toys, the cat bed etc. etc. etc.


TheresaJ said...

Ahhh, loud music always helps me get down to business. It's the only way!

AutumnSilverMoon said...

I wish our cat chased things around, all she does is look at you and go "Yeah right" with her eyes and then takes a nap.

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