Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a fun day...... NOT!

Well yesterday was just SO much fun! I didn't feel well when I woke up, so I took a hot shower hoping to feel better, it worked for about an hour! I promised Winter, Debi and Ash we could go to the Golden Corral for lunch with Darlene, so we had to go!
I had a piece of chicken, a baked potato, and part of their yummy roll. I just couldn't eat. My head hurt so much, and my face felt like someone had been punching it over and over again! When we left, I told Debi (in case you don't know, my son's girlfriend and I have the same name!) to take me to a walk in clinic.. I couldn't stand it anymore.
They gave me a shot in the butt (OW!!) and made me nap in the exam room for twenty minutes. Oddly enough I was able to actually sleep! He said I had a full blown migraine, a sinus infection, an ear infection, and what looked like the beginning of strep throat! Wonderful! No wonder I felt like crap!
Three prescriptions and some MucinexDM later, I felt a little better. The migraine pills he gave me had a muscle relaxant and sleepy medicine in them so I haven't been up much in the last twenty four hours. The doctor did tell me to go home and take a 2 day nap! Good thing it's the week end!!

I added some new items to , and I sold a bookmark at so I am still functioning!!!

More later.... it's nap time!!!!!!!

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