Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well.... today is Tuesday..... nothing fun going on here today! Decided to rearrange our bedroom. Decided trying to rearrange a king sized bed by myself not a good idea...... took some aspirins, and rearranged the smaller pieces! I have to make room for my roll top desk in there. I have to put a different desk in its place in the living room for the computer, printer, and paper. I am tired of having to go to different rooms for different tasks!

Winter and I went shopping for a bit. She got some new jeans.... she's been losing weight, and nothing fits anymore. She tried on some dresses for Georgias wedding...... and found the cutest black dress with white polka dots ever! I has a flared skirt with a black lace insert, and will look awesome when she dances and twirls! Couldn't buy it yet.... it costs 60.00! Need to sell a few items before it gets sold! The dress pictured is her second choice.... it was really cute on too.... looks like a "flapper" dress from the roaring 20's! I couldn't find a picture of the polka dot one.

We went to Hobby Lobby to look at beads... nothing caught my eye, so we ended up only spending 4.85! Very good for us! While cleaning up in my room, I did find a bag of beads I had bought this summer sometime! I knew I was missing some beads and findings...... I was beginning to think I dreamed buying them! New items soon!

Gotta go finish picking up my room, and cleaning off the bed..... Joe will be going to bed at 9:00.... in just an hour. There is still a ton of stuff to do in that room... I have the whole bed covered in clothes and decorative items....... must get to work!

Winter found a picture of the dress.............. it looks amazing on!!!!

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AutumnSilverMoon said...

I wish I would lose weight. Alls I've done is gained weight and now have a closet full of jeans that don't fit me. I swear if I lost like 25 pounds I'd have a whole new wardrobe with out buying anything.

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